Meet Al Weber, our guest speaker

With only one week to go until the adventures begin, everyone here at SDSU is excited for our IAAPA journey.

We are grateful to the talented executives who will share their insights and attend networking events scheduled throughout the week.  Monday afternoon, Al Weber, Jr. Ph.D., President and CEO of Apex Parks Group, will speak to the group on-campus and attend the evening dinner.  Let’s meet him:

AWj Portrait

Al is a leisure and Out-of-Home Entertainment sector Executive with over 45 years’ experience, including successful positions as General Manager, Company COOs and CEOs. Known as a transitional leader that broadens organizational thinking, Weber has been the architect of many high-profile business turnarounds.  His successes have been powered by his core leadership philosophies – commitment to team, developing people around him, and transforming businesses powered by collaborative approach of setting new strategic directions.

Weber is a visionary-leader skilled in corporate governance, resource allocation, and successfully driving executive-team transformations. He has been effective in establishing key business strategies, organizational alignment, and new product innovations. He’s also experienced in successfully driving and attaining short-term and long-term business objectives as well as leading companies through beneficial restructurings.

Weber has a rich history of helping companies reach industry-leading performance:

  • In 2014 he helped found, and is the current CEO of Apex Parks Group, a company created with the purchase of 15 parks from Palace Entertainment. Apex is focused on the “new frontier,” the highly fragmented FEC, water park, and small amusement park sector.
  • In 2010 he was appointed as Interim CEO of Six Flags Theme Parks, 12 days after the company emerged from bankruptcy, and led a successful 90-day organizational and performance turnaround.
  • In 2007 he served as CEO of Palace Entertainment at that time the country’s largest operator of FECs and Water Parks where he reorganized the corporate structure, created organizational accountability and focus, all setting the stage for selling Palace to an offshore company for near record multiples.
  • In 2002 he was appointed CEO of Paramount Parks. Weber ran the organization for 4 years before leading the sale of Paramount Parks to Cedar Fair for a near record valuation.

With an MBA and a Ph.D. in management and leadership, Weber has rare experience operating small parks to large publicly traded companies. He started his career as a seasonal employee who became a leader of one of the industry’s largest companies,  Weber has a proven track record of business and organizational turnarounds that deliver remarkable shareholder value and has personally grown, learned, changed, and evolved his view of transitional leadership.


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